Who We Are 

AJ Ryan Building Corporation is a general contracting firm which specializes in Custom Homes, Renovations, Kitchen and Baths, Painting, and Waterproofing . Founded by John Hoenings, a New Jersey native, the company has defined itself as a high-end custom home builder and home improvement contractor.

John is a expert contractor with over 35 years of hands on experience. His philosophy is to produce the very best at the most competitive price, where our client is treated like a partner and involved in the process. With the knowledge, ability, and desire to ensure your satisfaction from start to finish. From Home Remodeling to Complete Custom Home Construction, AJ Ryan Building Corp. has a mission to serve all customers with great care and unparalleled customer service, seeing fit that all work is completed to meet the highest of standards.

Our Approach 

Our comprehensive approach to helping you create the home, room, or living space of your dreams includes technical and specialty knowledge combined with quality, hands-on, management. We are at the jobsite on a daily basis. No matter the scope or size of the project, we are present to help problem solve, answer questions, improve plans, and develop solutions as the need arises.

Each project begins with an initial customer meeting, where we gather information and learn the customer’s vision, objectives, and expectations. Once we have determined the work that must be done we meet and provide the customer with a scope of work for the project and review all of the details and pricing for the work to be completed. This helps to ensure that we are always working towards the same goals and objectives as our customers, and that we always meet our client’s expectations.

Schedule your introductory meeting today! We can be reached via email at ryanbldg22@yahoo.com or via phone at 848-480-8072.

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